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Blue Moon Hemp | CBD Salve 500mg - 1000mg

Strength: 500mg
Option: Limonene
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CBD Salve By Blue Moon Hemp

Whether you've had a long, strenuous day, a tough workout, or simply need to relieve some aches and pains, don't reach for harsh pain medication that can upset your stomach. Treat your body with the care it deserves. Give yourself the gift of a CBD-rich topical solution to soothe your body and alleviate pain – introduce CBD Salve By Blue Moon Hemp into your life. This fast-acting product is easy to use whenever you need it most. Unlike other topical creams that merely sit on the surface of your skin, CBD Salve By Blue Moon Hemp boasts a powerful formula that penetrates the epidermal layer, targeting those achy joints and sore muscle tissue directly. It utilizes the entourage effect, which harnesses the synergistic benefits of the whole hemp plant, and is enhanced with a proprietary essential oil compound, comprising Emu Oil, Grapeseed, Calendula, Jojoba, Coconut, Olive, and several terpenes. Infused with premium CBD, this salve absorbs quickly, delivering relief to your joints and muscles. Make this your new go-to self-care product! Explore our best-selling topical cannabis products below, available in various scents and strengths.
Limonene: Delight in the invigorating aroma of freshly squeezed citrus fruits with this premium-quality CBD salve, infused with the Limonene terpene known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Designed to penetrate the superficial layers of your skin, this salve is a perfect candidate for deep tissue application. Whether you're recovering from intense sports activities, dealing with inflamed joints due to prolonged periods on your feet, or simply experiencing general pain and soreness, Limonene-infused CBD is here to help. Embrace the zesty scent of citrus zest and allow it to transport you to a refreshing oasis.
Eucalyptus: If your muscles ache after a strenuous workout, CBD's multifaceted natural benefits can offer a speedy recovery. This salve combines Eucalyptus essential oil with Grapeseed, Calendula, Olive, and Jojoba oil to bring relief to your muscles and joints. Each of these essential oils carries its own anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When combined with CBD, this formula ensures maximum effectiveness. Eucalyptus CBD salve is ideal for individuals who spend long hours standing, engage in heavy lifting, partake in intense workouts, or simply suffer from soreness. Find comfort and recovery in the combined benefits of eucalyptus and CBD.
Natural: Whether you're trying to soothe your tired, aching body after an intense workout, long hours in an office chair, or a day spent on your feet, this salve provides the perfect solution. Packed with CBD, this topical cream offers swift relief for aching joints and sore muscles. It's unscented, ensuring it won't interfere with other fragrances. Use it for a relaxing at-home CBD massage by candlelight or for on-the-go relief to promote a quick recovery.

CBD Strengths by Container Unit: 500mg - 60mL, 1000mg - 120mL, 8mg CBD Per mL
Extract Type: Broad Spectrum
Options: Limonene, Natural, Eucalyptus
Product Facts: Hemp-derived CBD, Contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Calendula Oil, Beeswax, Grape Seed Oil, Arnica Oil, Jojoba Oil & more, Less than 0.3% THC, Third-party lab-tested
Suggested Use: Gently massage salve into the skin until fully absorbed.

Blue Moon Hemp offers organic and cost-effective CBD products, aiming to make a happier and more peaceful state of body and mind accessible to everyone. Their product range includes tinctures, topicals, CBD edibles, and more, designed to assist individuals in discovering the perfect CBD products to elevate their wellness routine. Blue Moon Hemp is committed to ensuring that being active and well is attainable for all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
R. B.

This Cbd Salve is the greatest! I love the aroma and the extra strength of Cbd makes my feet feel great!

S. B.

Very effective on cramps and muscle pain in ankles, feet, legs and back. And it doesn’t take much; rub it in deep and the friction creates some heat that seems to accelerate the relief.Good at night for relaxsation

Isabel Long

Works great for sore muscles and joints. Love all of your products that I’ve used. Thank You

A. P.

This product is the only one I use on my swollen, achy feet and knees. As someone who is going through chemo it is very hard to find a product that works efficiently. This is a superior product.i feel so good. thank you

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