Blue Moon Hemp | Sativa AK47 CBD Shatter 1 Gram

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Sativa AK47 CBD Shatter By Blue Moon Hemp

When you are in the mood for a natural CBD experience with a classic taste of hemp plant, then this CBD shatter is right for you. Sativa AK47 CBD Shatter by Blue Moon Hemp has an earthy and slightly sour scent with floral and sweet afternotes and holds 1000mg of CBD strength. This pure CBD product has the benefits of the hemp plant terpenes, providing you with the entourage effect's advantages.

CBD Strength: 1000mg
Extract Type: Isolate
Product Facts: THC-free, Non-GMO, Plant-derived terpenes, CO2 Extracted, Pesticide-free
Suggested Use: Consume CBD shatter through CBD dabbing. Start with a low dosage, as suggested.
Storage: Store in a dry and cool place.
Warning: Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.

Blue Moon Hemp provides organic, affordable, and useful CBD products to give everyone access to a happier and more peaceful state of body and mind. The company offers CBD tinctures, edibles, sprays, topicals, and more to help everyone find the best CBD products to enhance their wellness routine. Blue Moon Hemp believes that being active and well must be something that everyone can achieve.