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Binoid | Live Rosin THC-A Cartridges - 1g

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Strain: Exotic Kush - Indica
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Live Rosin THC-A Cartridge By Binoid

The hemp world is full of surprises and new cannabinoid-infused products! So hurry up and try these new THCA-infused cartridges with Live Rosin extract. With these products, you can experience completely new flavor profiles of your previously known strains. Live Rosin THC-A Cartridge By Binoid come in two strain options, and each cartridge contains 1 g premium quality liquid.
Exotic Kush Indica is a potent strain that will make you so relaxed that your body will be almost numb. This strain can help you with pain and muscle cramps. It has a juicy apple-pear flavor and woodsy undertones that you will surely enjoy vaping.
Cranberry Haze Sativa produces cerebral buzz, calming yet uplifting effects alongside body-high euphoria. This strain will make your tastebuds burst in sweet grape-berry fruity flavors and spicy-earthy notes.
Baked Alien Hybrid: Optimal for addressing chronic stress or anxiety, loss of appetite or nausea, persistent pain, and chronic fatigue. This strain boasts a zesty lemon flavor with a touch of woody undertones and a hint of sourness on the exhale.
Avatar OG Hybrid: The taste mirrors its aroma, featuring a sugary blueberry essence tinged with hints of spice and earthiness. The Avatar high is equally delightful, offering a clear-headed surge of cerebral energy followed by a profoundly soothing and relaxing body sensation.
Mango Tango Indica: This strain's high is potent and enduring, inducing a powerful indica experience that gradually blankets you in relaxation. Its aroma is irresistibly fragrant, combining sweet and pungent citrus with hints of peaches. The flavor is equally delightful, featuring deep citrus notes and a sweet peachy finish.
Blue Walker Sativa: A potent strain that delivers a sustained full-body buzz. Its fruity aroma instantly soothes, while its effects linger for a considerable time.

Container Unit: 1g
Extract Type: THC-A
Strains: Exotic Kush Indica, Cranberry Haze Sativa, Baked Alien Hybrid, Avatar OG Hybrid, Mango Tango Indica, Blue Walker Sativa
Product Facts: Premium 99% THC-A distillate, Live rosin terpenes, Derived from hemp with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

Since its launching in 2018, Binoid's priority was to manufacture pure hemp products that would be available for everyone. All the exceptional hemp-derived products are formulated using pure and natural ingredients that are safe and tested. The company offers HHC, THC-O, THC-P, Delta 8, and CBD products for those who appreciate hemp's benefits.

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