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Big High THC A Flower Exotic - 3.5g

Strain: Candy Gas - Hybrid
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Big High THC A Flower Exotic

Explore the Essence of Exotic THC A Flower! Cultivated to the highest standards, this hemp blossom is devoid of pesticides and chemicals, ensuring a pristine and unadulterated encounter. The Exotic Big High THCA Flower stands out with its exceptional concentration of THCA, setting it apart from traditional Delta 9 THC. In its fresh, undried state, THCA undergoes a transformation into THC upon heating, unveiling the latent potential of the Exotic THCA flower and providing a unique and heightened experience. Embark on a journey of purity and potency with the Exotic Big High THCA Flower. Meticulously cultivated and rigorously tested, this hemp flower sets a benchmark in quality.
Indulge in the exceptional Candy Gas Hybrid, a strain that captivates the senses with a delightful blend of sweet and fuel-like flavors. The onset of the high begins a few minutes after your last exhale, enveloping your mind in a lifted state of joy and tranquility. Experience euphoria and a lack of negative or racing thoughts, accompanied by a soothing body high that gradually relaxes your limbs, allowing you to unwind and enjoy a touch of couchlock.
Indulge in the tantalizing Sherblato Purple Hybrid, a flavorful strain that harmoniously combines the sweetness of purple and creamy flavors. The high mirrors the delight of its taste, inducing stoney effects that encourage deep introspection after just a few tokes. The journey begins with a heady relaxation, filling your mind with blissful, unfocused thoughts before gently drifting into a state of blissful haze. As both your mind and body progressively unwind, you'll find yourself entirely immersed in a stoned state, both mentally and physically, and thoroughly content with the experience.
As you take in the Skywalker OG Kush Hybrid, expect a welcome embrace of earthy and piney undertones, reminiscent of the distinctive OG Kush flavor. The high is characterized by a super spacey, head-in-the-clouds euphoria that accompanies a profoundly heavy, stoney body high, resulting in a couch-locked and utterly lethargic experience.

Container Unit: 3.5g
Extract Type: THC A
Strains: Candy Gas Hybrid, Skywalker OG Kush Hybrid, Sherblato Purple Hybrid
Product Facts: Premium hemp flower, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

Yumz Lab and Big High have joined forces to introduce an extraordinary THCA flower, establishing new benchmarks in the cannabis industry. Renowned for its exceptionally elevated THCA content, this product stands as a testament to the strides made in cultivation and processing techniques. THCA, the non-psychoactive precursor to THC, transforms into the well-known psychoactive compound when heated, providing consumers with a distinctive experience. The collaboration between Yumz Lab and Big High underscores their dedication to innovation and quality, resulting in a product that is both potent and pure.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole C.

I thoroughly enjoyed this product and the effects were excellent. I highly recommend this product. All products are legitimate and above board.

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