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Ccell Vape Battery By Area 52

This unique battery features draw-activated heating with three distinct temperatures to match your special style of vaping:
* Low heat - no harshness, optimized for flavor and battery life,
* Moderate heat - most common setting, excellent balance of efficiency and battery life,
* High heat - provides the strongest hits but can be a little harsh.
Ccell Vape Battery By Area 52 is optimized for high-viscosity liquids such as premium Delta 8 distillate and has 350 mAh long-lasting capacity.

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
Activation Time: 0 - 10 Seconds
Three Power Setting: 1.Low - Blue Indicator (2.8v), 2. Medium - Yellow Indicator (3.2v), 3.High - Green Indicator (3.6v)
Product Facts: Compatible with 510 threaded cartridges, Stainless steel housing, USB rechargeable, Lithium-ion, Draw - activated, Child-resistant device lock, CCELL Technology
Suggested Use: 1. First, screw on a replaceable vape cartridge until snug — don’t overtighten 2. Unlock the device by clicking the button rapidly 5 times 3. Press the button three times to set the temperature of the device 4. Begin inhaling (no need to press the button) 5. When finished, lock the device by clicking the button 5 times

Area 52 is a high-quality brand on the Delta 8 market that uses a unique hemp isolation technique. The primary focus of the company is on the experience itself. That is why Area 52 prefers the slower isolation method, which creates a cleaner and more enjoyable experience. Each Delta 8 product goes through severe testing in an independent laboratory.