Where To Buy THC-O?
There is a new legal sheriff in town. THC-O is a semi-legal laboratory-made cannabinoid and has similar effects as THC. After hemp containing 0.3% of THC level became federally legal in 2018, cannabis lovers dreamed of going beyond extracting CBD. They wanted to extract as many cannabinoids as possible and stay within the legal limits because hemp plants contain not only CBD but other cannabinoids as well that can help with various conditions. Worth mentioning that it is more beneficial when the product contains not only CBD but other cannabinoids as well. Because together, they work in a synergy that gives your body more benefits. After Delta 8 THC became popular, other hemp extracts began to shine. And one of them is THC-O acetate. 

What Is THC-O?

THC-O has been another cannabinoid on the market recently. What's so special about this cannabinoid, you ask? Well, it's considered to be three times stronger than traditional THC and produces more psychedelic effects. In fact, people have even termed it - a psychedelic cannabinoid. But what else do we know about THC-O? First, THC-O acetate, which is commonly referred to as THCOa, is a synthetic cannabinoid that is not naturally occurring in the cannabis plant like Delta 8, 9, or Delta 10 THC. However, unlike Delta 8 and 10, THC-O can be chemically derived from hemp. And because this chemical is made from hemp, it falls under the 2018 Farm Bill Act and is technically legal to sell.
Now, the THC-O molecule is pretty similar to regular THC. The only difference is that there's an acetate group instead of a hydroxy group. This acetate group supposedly makes it easier for the molecule to cross the sensitive layers in the digestive tract and brain, which may be the reason for its increased bioavailability and potency. A fun fact is that this chemical was actually investigated by the United States military as a possible nonlethal incapacitating agent. Now, because THC-O is sold as a legal alternative, most products are likely derived from Delta 8 THC and are, therefore, the Delta 8 variant of THC-O. 
In addition, Delta 8 is considered to be less potent than THC. So it's very likely that the Delta 9 isomer of THC-O is stronger than the Delta 8 isomer. So what are the effects of THC-O? Considering this chemical is fairly new to the market, it hasn't been studied a whole lot. But paging back to that military research paper, the chemical is considered twice as potent as THC. Users have found that THC-O is significantly stronger than regular THC, having three times the potency of Delta 9 and five times the potency of Delta 8. Users have also noted that THC-O produces a much heavier high than THC and can be quite sedative. Think of it like an extremely strong Indica strain. Users have also noticed an increase in psychedelic properties. Lastly, THC-O is considered a prodrug, which means that it doesn't become active until after it is metabolized by the liver. So it is required to start low and go slow. Waiting 30 to 45 minutes between inhales seems to be a good starting point for beginners. If consuming edibles, starting with a dose that is three times lower than your average THC consumption is also recommended.

Where To Buy THC-O?

THC-O is the acetate form of regular THC (Delta 9), and they both have an equal chemical structure. As you may know, Delta 9 THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid of the marijuana plant. Why is THC-O more interesting than regular THC? Because it can more successfully bind with the body's endocannabinoid system receptors than Delta 8, Delta 10, and even HHC. And that is why THC-O infused products can produce more intense effects than others extracts mentioned earlier. As for now, the online market is sizzling with THC-O vapes, edibles, and tincture oils, which you can try by clicking here.
The e-liquid of vape cartridges and disposables usually is infused with terpene profiles of various hemp strains to add a pleasant flavor to your puffs. THC-O organic hemp flowers are simply infused with THC-O distillate that enhances the overall effects of the strain, giving you a unique experience. THC-O edibles, such as caramels, chocolates, gummies, and snacks, mostly contain THC-O distillate and mixed fruity flavors or the specific terpene profile of hemp.

How It's Made?

THC-O AcetateTHC-O acetate can be produced from THC or Delta 8. First of all, manufacturers make a Delta 8 distillate (from hemp or CBD). After that, they convert Delta 8 THC into THC-O. It is an artificial cannabinoid that does not occur naturally in hemp. Worth mentioning that this process is very dangerous because Acetic anhydride is highly flammable, and careless use of it can cause fire and even explosion. Only at appropriately equipped laboratories can manufacturers make this compound through people who know the process very well. Therefore, it is recommended to buy THC-O products made by famous and trustworthy brands because they certainly know what they are doing. Moreover, these brands always test their distillate in specialized third-party laboratories for purity and safety. As with other chemically made components, be cautious using THC-O products. Always begin with low doses, don't rush - you can always increase the dosage later. Here you can buy tested and safe THC-o products!

Drug Test & THC-O: Will It Show?

How the body processes THC-O and how long this cannabinoid remains in the system - we don't know yet because there is little research done in this area. However, as it is the acetate form of Delta 9, it is logical to assume with a 99% accuracy that the drug test will show a high THC level in the user's system. And perhaps for 3 weeks or a month, it will stay in the body's system. So if you have an upcoming drug test, it will be better to avoid using THC-O products for more than a month to be sure that you will pass it without any problems.

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