What Is Kanna Extract?
We are always busy, both physically and mentally. Our modern lifestyle causes a lot of stress and fatigue. That can become a vicious circle where we can no longer relax or just take advantage of the moment. A solution for this is: enjoy what nature offers us and connect with it.
Many centuries ago, South African people knew about nature and the benefits that it could offer. As a result, they were closely connected to nature and had their natural remedies for various conditions. One of the centuries-old remedial secrets comes in the form of a gorgeous succulent known as Kanna - Sceletium tortuosum. This plant is native to the South African region, and people use this plant very often for recreational purposes.

The Use OF Kanna Extract

The Kanna plant is very well known for its benefits, such as - a way to ease anxiety and reduce stress, eliminate pain and fight depression, improve brain function. The tea with Kanna flower can elevate the mood and relieve tension. However, this is why the South Africans used this beautiful plant. They also used it for illnesses such as toothache, abdominal pains, and of course, they smoked and chewed the plant. Kanna's taste is described as very bitter, and its smell is compared to tobacco. For native South African people, Kanna was a safe plant, an efficient and highly beneficial therapeutic tool. Indigenous tribes of hunters mainly used this plant as an "after-battle" herb that helped them to better cope with tiredness, stress, depression, and fear after any violent battle on their way.

The Effects Of Kanna Extract

Sometimes, it can be misleading regarding Kanna's effects if you do not exactly know what this plant can do. There are two levels of Kanna's effects: the first level is based on regular use, and the second is on higher doses.
If used in reasonable doses, Kanna extract can potentially:
  • Lower stress
  • Elevate your mood
  • Suppress appetite
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Minimize muscle tensions.
In excessive doses, Kanna extract can potentially:
  • Stimulate the body and mind (followed with sedation later)
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Cause euphoria
  • Increase sexual arousal
  • Stimulate social behaviors
  • Increase sensory sensitivity.
Kanna Extract
Because of these effects, Kanna can be considered a euphoric stimulant substance type, but Kanna is not psychedelic. Although Kanna can not be used as a psychotropic, it can increase the potential of other psychotropics. For example, there are several reports of mellow high levels when Kanna is mixed with alcohol, cannabis, especially the Sativa plant, or other substances.
When users decide to chew Kanna after smoking the cannabis plant, it has enhanced the effect palette. It is essential to mention that Kanna is known to lower the effects of tobacco, even suppressing the cravings of nicotine.

How To Use Kanna?

Although there is very little study about the use and effects of Kanna to make statements about the benefits of this succulent plant, many people consider Kanna as an effective and safe natural method for various conditions. 
When chewed, Kanna has a tendency to act as a mild analgesic for the mouth. Even though chewing has been the easiest method to use this plant many centuries ago, it is not very typical in modern times. Because not everyone can stand its bitter taste, that is the reason why some modern users combine it with bubble gum, which makes it easier to chew. From 50mg to 200mg, Kanna can produce subtle effects, and for more potent effects, you can try chewing more than 200mg or 400mg.
The sublingual use of Kanna is a variation of chewing. Some people place Kanna extract under their tongues and wait for the effects to kick.
You can try placing the desired amount of Kanna extract in your mouth and keeping it under your tongue. The Kanna extract from 50mg to 150mg can cause subtle effects, and from 200mg to 400mg may produce mild effects. You can increase the dose to 500mg-1000mg if you wish to have a more powerful experience.
Drinking Kanna tea, as many people state, can be helpful when someone is trying to lower their alcohol consumption. Although sometimes Kanna tea can be the worse version of green tea, some users do not make a strong tea so that the taste would be more pleasant. That is why Kanna tea is considered to have mellow effects, meaning you will get the minor effects when using Kanna in a tea brew. The single cup of Kanan tea should have up to 200mg-500mg of strength for 1-2 grams. In some cases, it is highly likely to feel dizzy if 1g or more of Kanna's extract appears in your stomach.
And finally, the most exciting and intriguing way that many people like is smoking Kanna. Of course, many people prefer to combine Kanna with cannabis, tobacco, or similar herbs. But keep in mind that Kanna changes the effects of cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs. That is why it is recommended to start slow. Learn more about the taste of this plant and its effects. And get familiar with the overall experience that you feel before increasing or changing the balance of the used ingredients.
Several brands on the market, such as Traditional Medicinals, Life Mode, and Mystic Herbs, offer Kanna's extract. It is safe for consumption as a supplement. However, it is recommended to consult with your health care specialist before using Kanna extract. In any case, bear in mind that you should start with lower doses and get familiar with its effects before consuming more.

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