What Is Delta 10 THC
The hemp plant has hundreds of cannabinoids. The most known psychoactive cannabinoids are Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC in small amounts. However, marijuana has one other psychoactive component known as Delta 10 THC, which is not occurring naturally in the cannabis plant. It appears in such small quantities that extracting it from the hemp plant would be a waste of a considerable amount of cannabis and consume a lot of time. Delta 10 can be tricky to determine that laboratory testing methods frequently misidentify this compound as CBL or CBC. Meantime, researchers are looking for new ways to extract this particular compound and obtain more of it.

The Accidentally Discovered Compound

Delta 10 THC was found recently in California by Fusion Farms accidentally. The company bought outdoor-grown cannabis plants to manufacture concentrates and oils. And as we know, California is frequently subject to wildfires. And Fusion Farms had obtained a huge amount of cannabis that was contaminated with a fire retardant. After the extraction, they have noticed unusual crystals in the distillate that they haven't seen before. They ran some analysis that said that it is CBC, but it wasn't precisely CBC compound. And they appealed for help at a licensed testing facility, where they didn't find a match. And they understood that it is an entirely new compound, which needs to examine and study. If not for the fire retardant, Delta 10 THC would not be found.
However, nowadays, many companies manufacture the compound in more reliable ways by using food-grade additives (instead of fire retardant) as a catalyst. But the outcome does not change - a new cannabinoid with a psychotropic effect. Delta 10 is an isomer, and it has a unique chemical structure. It is different in its design and worth attention to study more closely. Familiar to its siblings Delta 9 and Delta 8, Delta 10 THC also produces a psychotropic high, but it is less potent. Meaning that you will experience the effect, but in a very mild form, even milder than Delta 8, which can be very enjoyable. Sadly, there are minor studies have been done on Delta 10 as it is a new component. And nowadays have a piece of limited information about this fantastic and unique compound.

An Overview Of Delta 10 THC

Delta 10 can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis plants. And as it has gained popularity, many manufacturers are already offering their Delta 10 products in the forms of gummies, oils, vapes, syringes, and capsules. Similar to Delta 8 and 9, Delta 10 is also legal under the appropriate circumstances. Though it is still in a gray area, many cannabis users are eager to know its legality. If Delta 10 comes from cannabis and has less than 0.3% of THC (Delta 9), it is considered legal. The psychotropic effect produced by Delta 10 is very similar to THC, but as its users say, it has more mild effect than THC and Delta 8. If you want to experience Delta 10 for the first time, it is recommended to consult with a doctor, especially if you have health issues, high blood pressure, or pregnancy. Also, you must be 21 and above to be able to purchase Delta 10 products. It is safe and effective, which has no side effects, at least with those who have experienced Delta 10 did not mention adverse effects. Yet still, there is not much information on how Delta 10 THC interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. Researchers think that Delta 10 also binds with CB2 and CB1 receptors similarly to Delta 9 and 8. But, of course, more further research needs to be done for more exact results. As with Delta 8 and 9, you will feel the benefits of the entourage effect with Delta 10. This unique compound similarly interacts with other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, increasing the beneficial effects. Delta 10 users experienced a full-body high effect with a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

The Similarities Between Psychoactive Compounds 

Though a bit of information is obtained about Delta 10, some data is available based on little research. Delta 10 and 9 are the most similar compounds with psychotropic effects in the cannabis plant. Delta 9, or simply THC, is used in many medical centers for several health conditions. Many US states approved the use of medical products that contain THC for targeted use. As for now, there are no records about the medical use of Delta 10. Based on the little available research, CBN compound is also known to have psychoactive effects. However, this particular cannabis component has a sedative effect, which is not similar to Delta 10. That is why more research is required to know more about the CBN component. 
Being minor cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and having mild psychotropic effects, Delta 10 and 8 have become the most similar compounds. First of all, these two components relatively new and legal. Second of all, they both enhance the entourage effect, without any side effects and a low psychoactive effect.
Perhaps many cannabis users already know that the best two cannabinoids that work synergistically are CBD and Delta 8. They balance each other's effects perfectly, giving the body the most valuable benefits of the cannabis plant. And because of the similarity between Delta 10 and 8, CBD works with Delta 10 the same way, providing the body with the same synergistic benefit.
The researchers are still learning about the unique benefits of Delta 10 THC, which requires more time and effort. It can be very tempting to try this new compound and feel its effects. However, keep in mind to consult with your doctor. If you are not used to being high or want to experience the effect of the psychotropic compound for the first time, start with low doses and increase the dosage slowly.
Nowadays, this new fantastic compound mostly possible to get in a distillate form. However, soon it will gain more popularity and will be available in other forms. It is considered that Delta 10 products may be available in the forms of vapes, sublingual oils, and edibles in the future.

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