Kratom and Delta 8 THC
For many years, people used natural remedies to eliminate the pain. Pain is not exactly nice, but it is very important nevertheless. There are people born without having pain sensitivity, which is very bad. If you do not know that you have scratches, burns, and cuts, you do not know that something is wrong. Pain is the way our bodies alert us that something is not correct. To better understand how pain works, let's examine the standard ways doctors use to distinguish pain symptoms. After reviewing different types of pain, we will dive into how herbal medications such as kratom or Delta 8 could play a role in pain management. 
Pain is often divided into two categories: intense and chronic. 
Intense pain symptoms are usually short-lived but extremely strong. Common examples of intense pain include poking your toe or accidentally touching a hot pan. This pain aims to alert your brain to possible tissue damage and get you to stop what you are doing right now. In addition to the pain, you may also notice symptoms such as a faster heartbeat and shallow breathing during intense pain symptoms.
On the other hand, chronic pain can last for years but is often not as intense as acute symptoms. Symptoms vary depending on the person's condition, but familiar chronic pain sensations include stinging, burning, and pain. Sometimes chronic pain can increase and decrease depending on various conditions such as the weather, a person's emotional well-being, and the effects of diet. Common chronic pain conditions include migraines, pelvic pain dysfunction, fibromyalgia, and lower back pain. 
In addition to intense and chronic pain, we know that emotional pain also can cause physical pain. However, some researches on the subject show that there may not be such a clear distinction between mental and physical well-being. For example, one study found that a dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol) helped people suffering from emotional distress far more than the placebo group. This example shows that there can be a direct connection between our physical and mental states.

Using Kratom For Pain Management

Unfortunately, there are many negative impressions associated with the herb kratom. Although the FDA ban has not gone into effect, many US states and EU states prohibit using kratom for both recreational and medical purposes. Despite all this bad press, dedicated groups of chronic pain sufferers claim that kratom played a significant role in their therapy concept. So what exactly is kratom, and could it help with chronic pain? Kratom is a green, subtropical plant related to the coffee bean. The people of Southeast Asia have cultivated and used different varieties of kratom for various purposes over the centuries. In addition to chronic pain, some traditional healers have used kratom for mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue.
While there has not been much research on the effects of kratom, most scientists believe that this unique plant has its analgesic qualities to many naturally occurring alkaloids. Of these compounds, mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine appear to be the most potent. These alkaloids can temporarily block pain signals in the brain. However, unlike more powerful drugs, kratom does not appear to bind directly to opiate receptors. This suggestion leads some analysts to believe that kratom could help opiate addicts break away from more rigid drugs like heroin. In addition to its potential uses in rehabilitation, kratom could be helpful as an alternative to pharmaceutical opiates. Some countries now permit doctors to appoint kratom for various medical conditions. Because this herb is entirely natural, many enthusiasts claim that it does not have the potential side effects of pharmaceutical opiates. 
Much like cannabis, the strain of this plant you use has a significant impact on the effects one will experience. If you consider trying kratom for recurring pain, you need to understand the fundamental differences between different types of kratom. When looking for a kratom product, keep these three classifications in mind: white, green, and red veins. The red vein variety is most commonly associated with chronic pain relief. Red vein kratom is believed to have higher concentrations of alkaloids that can help relieve pain. However, keep in mind that red vein kratom tends to be the most soothing. In contrast, kratom with white veins tends to produce energizing effects, so it is well suited for patients with chronic fatigue or depression. After all, the kratom with green veins is the perfect variety for those who cannot handle the intensity of white or red products - a lighter alternative.
Because kratom is such a highly discussed substance, there is no precise scientific basis for the dosage of the herb. However, we know that kratom tends to produce stimulatory effects in low doses and sedative effects in higher doses. So the dosage of kratom depends on what you're trying to treat and what strain you are using. Newbies should start with less than 2g of kratom and see how it affects their bodies. If you do not notice any unwanted side effects, you can increase by about 1g until you reach 4g. In general, it is recommended never to drink more than 10g of kratom per day. People who take this unique herb in high doses fall into a deep sleep within a couple of minutes after ingesting it. However, you can develop a tolerance to kratom if you take the herb every day. To avoid this, try to skip your kratom doses throughout the week.

Using Delta 8 For Pain Management

Nowadays, many derivatives of the hemp plant have been discovered and then scientifically described, but the actual use remains initially limited to a few exceptions. An excellent example of this is the currently super famous and legal high known as Delta 8 THC. Many hemp farmers were looking for ways to bypass the strict rules on marijuana in the states in the USA. They came across those mentioned above, slightly psychoactive and beneficial cannabinoid for several illnesses. This compound is closely related to the classic Delta 9 THC, which is mostly still forbidden because of its intoxicating effects.
A whole range of cannabinoids can be found as active plant ingredients in the buds, hashish, and hemp concentrates, which are available in progressive countries with cannabis legalization. Various institutes abroad have already tried to establish a definition for Delta 8 THC and describe this as an analog to the classic THC with the following, possibly medicinally valuable properties: 
  • anxiety-relieving
  • pain reliever
  • neuroprotective
  • appetizing
  • effective against nausea. 
Very similar effects are also associated with Delta 9, but its psychoactive relevance is much more noticeable, which means the typical high when smoking weed. Delta 8 certainly has traces of it to offer, so it is by no means only physically stimulating like CBD and CBG as other intensively researched cannabinoids. Usually, Delta 8 is contained in hemp in a very small proportion, only about one percent, but the manufacturers have already investigated ways and means for a significant increase in the production of such products. 
Unexpectedly, manufacturers refer to hundreds of known cannabinoids, of which Delta 8 is considered to be particularly efficient due to its properties. The much lower psychoactive effects of this compound are essential, but at the same time, it offers the potency of classic THC in medicine. Cancer patients benefit from cannabis on prescription by relieving typical nausea, while hemp stimulates the appetite and relieves pain. Experts also praise the stability and effectiveness of the compound, which does not disintegrate immediately or only promise very mild effects. Using Delta 8 specifically in pain therapy or in the treatment of anxiety disorders could be beneficial. Such potential has been intensively researched since the appearance of this already very popular substance. Delta 8 THC products can mainly only be bought online at hemp shops. When trying it out for the first time, as always with cannabis, only a small dose is recommended.

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