Could CBD Reduce Coronavirus Symptoms?

There is uncertainty in the USA. Ever since cities in Italy and the rest of the world have been cordoned off, people afraid that coronavirus could become an epidemic in their region as well. The statements of experts, who repeatedly emphasize that the virus is on the one hand no more dangerous than the influenza flu, and on the other hand assume that the epidemic will not occur, are hardly believed anymore. 

However, American doctor Philip Blair was convinced that users who have included CBD daily are less prone to COVID-19 virus infection.

Who is Dr. Philip Blair, and what does he know about CBD?

Dr. Philip Blair is a family doctor and disease management consultant in the United States. He has been practicing medicine for a good 48 years, 29 of them in the US Army. After retiring from the Army, Dr. Philip Blair began to work on the human's endocannabinoid system (ECS). He has also actively studied the influence of cannabidiol (CBD) on people's bodies. In his opinion, most of the chronic diseases occur in people with impaired ECS.

Blair's holistic treatment approach includes restoring health and performance by optimizing the function of the ECS. This goal can be achieved through diet, exercise, and including CBD to a person's daily routine. Blair is now a recognized expert in CBD. He has already gained experience in clinical treatment, with over 2,000 patients.

Blair's advice: Taking CBD regularly as a preventative measure against disease

Dr. Blair recently posted on his Facebook page, saying that CBD appears to reduce the susceptibility to all types of virus infections. Based on five years of working experience with his patients, he believes that this may be due to improved impermeability of the membrane and strengthening the defense functions of the immune system. Over five years of working with users who are periodically taking CBD, he found that in the event of a viral disease, these patients would have to deal with the symptoms only for a few days and to a very mild degree.

How can cannabidiol protect against viral or bacterial infections?

Blair says that CBD has no known anti-viral effect on coronavirus like it does with the hepatitis C virus and staph or streptococcus bacterial infections.

However, he claims that studies have shown that CBD can reduce inflammatory reactions in both bacterial and viral infections and protect against sepsis. The effect of CBD on immune cells can help reduce the number and responsiveness of the pathogens quickly. In his posting, Dr. Blair recommends regular dosing of 15-30 milligrams CBD per day, either as a capsule or as a drop.

In the event of an outbreak, this dose should be increased and taken approximately every four hours. If the severe symptoms are over, the intake can be reduced again. For the protection of the respiratory tract, Blair recommends inhaling CBD via vaporizers and exhaling the steam over the nose.

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