Studies on CBD allows scientists to start understanding how CBD affects humans. Yet, there are no constitutional studies on how CBD influences pets. However, there is already evidence from several owners of pets who have noticed a difference in their animal's behavior. They have become kinder and less anxious. It seems that CBD may similarly help your pet as it helps you.

Including CBD In Your Pet Regime

We all know that every human has an endocannabinoid system. Dogs have a more complicated endocannabinoid system with more receptors. This predominance of receptors means that they feel the effects of these substances more, so it is essential to give them lower doses of CBD.

According to researchers, you can safely give your pets CBD products if you start with a minimal dose, about 0,05 mg per day, for slowly increase up to 1 mg/day. Too much CBD can cause sleepiness. 

CBD oil is the easiest and most common way to give your pet a sense of calm. Most companies have CBD pet tinctures that usually have a lower dosage of CBD for animals. If you are considering giving your pet a CBD oil, the best way is sublingual. However, you can mix the CBD oil with the pet's food.

If you want to give your pet more CBD, you can also buy CBD pet treats. Ensure that the product you purchase is organic, and on its label is written the correct amount of CBD it contains to give your pet the needed dosage safely. Before giving your pet CBD products, it is essential to contact your veterinarian.

Is CBD Effective For Pets?

While it remains mostly unclear, as more research is needed on CBD, some studies suggest that using CBD is safe when administered properly. It is beneficial in cases of inflammation.

A 2020 study showed that dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis noticed a rapid and significant improvement in mobility and quality of their life after treatment with high CBD doses.

This study legally opens the door for discussing additional treatments for a pet's anxiety, cancer, seizures, inflammatory conditions, or other disorders that may benefit from cannabis. It also means that veterinarians may need to study cannabis-related treatments.

CBD and other cannabis-derived medications have been linked to successfully treating symptoms of cancer, including loss of appetite and nausea. It also has the potential to slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

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