Beauty & Skincare With CBD
The natural benefits of CBD cannot be overlooked, especially thanks to numerous researches in this industry, so many people have begun to wonder if this cannabinoid can prolong human life. A recent animal study suggested that this may indeed be the case. We all want to prolong our natural beauty, and the most demanding questions are - what have scientists come up with in their research, and what are the effects of CBD behind this phenomenon? Could this research launch a series of others that will help people better understand how to mature beyond the relentless passage of time? Results of an animal study in 2020 brought some exciting research into the therapeutic use of cannabis. The researchers focused on the effectiveness of CBD in the lifelong administration of nematode soil worms - specifically, nematodes. Due to their short lifespan, about 2 - 3 weeks, it was possible to monitor the effect of cannabidiol (CBD) throughout their lives. You may be wondering how this animal species can be compared to humans, but in reality, they share from 60 to 80% of similar genes. No dose of CBD caused a more serious side effect, but the exception was a decrease in motility at the highest possible dose. It is worth noting that this overdose was at least ten times above the physiologically relevant concentration. In other words, it is practically impossible for a similar effect to occur in humans. But the following findings are much more important, which states that long-term use of CBD has increased the average life expectancy of animals by up to 18%. In the last stage of life, the activity of animals increased by more than 200%. Doses comparable to low or medium doses in humans have been associated with suppressing the negative effects of old age.

CBD Can Prevent Aging

Although only animal research has been done in these studies, it could indicate the discovery of CBD's previously unsuspected opportunities. In the context of reversing aging, users may also be interested in other effects of cannabidiol. As a person ages, over time, small or more pronounced wrinkles begin to appear on the skin, which is caused by the reduced production of collagen, elastin, and sebum, making the skin drier and leading to loss of its elasticity. In addition, CBD has proven to be a powerful antioxidant that can compete with vitamins E or C. Substances with antioxidant activity are known to slow down the aging process by preventing free radicals from breaking down such essential collagen. Last but not least, CBD can regulate sebum production, which is why both people with dry skin and people suffering from acne are looking for it. Moreover, we must not forget to highlight the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabidiol.

Other Potential Benefits Of CBD

Several mechanisms can lead to longer life expectancy with long-term CBD use. Its ability to suppress the level of cortisol - the stress hormone, the permanently elevated level of which is harmful to the human body, is especially important. Cannabidiol, especially in combination with other cannabinoids, promotes neurogenesis, forming new cells in the nervous system. Many times, it has been shown to slow down some of the typical negative effects of aging, such as memory loss or the inability to learn new things. Adequate sleep is another important factor worth mentioning that is essential to have a quality life and live longer. People with insomnia have higher cortisol levels and are generally much more prone to mental and physical illness. Cannabidiol promotes sleep and significantly reduces the time needed to fall asleep. Many other CBD capabilities can play an important role in longevity.
However, the experiment described above is the first of its kind, so it is impossible to draw a 100% conclusion on whether CBD in humans can actually prolong life. The available literature does not contain any information on this topic, so it will be necessary to wait for what scientists will come up with in the coming years. Nevertheless, all indications are that CBD can really help, as it has many effects that lead to a better quality of life. Experts appeal mainly to the selection of quality products with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other cannabis substances, thanks to which the effects are more noticeable. Such products are often referred to as full-spectrum CBD, and you now have the opportunity to test their effect on yourself. You can take a look at our offer of full-spectrum CBD products here.

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