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Xhale Premium THC A Flower - 3.5g

Strain: Lemon Cherry Gelato - Hybrid
Unit: 3.5g
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Xhale Premium THCA Flower

Crafted with discerning connoisseurs in mind, the Xhale Premium THCA Flower is meticulously designed to offer a potent and authentic cannabis experience. This product exemplifies the dynamic evolution within the cannabis industry, catering to the heightened sophistication of cannabis enthusiasts and their evolving preferences.
Lemon Cherry Gelato Hybrid: Prepare to be captivated by an exceptional hybrid strain that weaves together the tantalizing flavors of citrusy lemon, sweet cherry, and subtle Gelato undertones. Known for its popularity among those seeking relief from anxiety, pain, and stress-related symptoms, this strain promises a delightful journey with a tingling sensation from head to toe. Immerse yourself in the refreshing notes of cherries, citrus, pine, and tropical fruit, as this hybrid strain offers a truly extraordinary experience.
Mak OG Indica: Indulge in the embrace of this robust indica, renowned for its potent physical effects that lead to extended periods of deep relaxation and couch-lock. It initiates with a spine-tingling sensation that gradually envelops you, providing a stimulating experience before transitioning into profound physical relaxation. Celebrated for its unique fusion of earthy, pine, and citrus flavors, this strain promises a rich and satisfying taste experience that adds to its exceptional reputation.
Purple Haze Sativa: Elevate your energy levels and enhance your mood with this THCA-infused Sativa strain. Purple Haze captivates from the first inhale, revealing luscious sweet berry notes, while the exhale gracefully releases subtle floral undertones, creating a uniquely delightful and vibrant flavor profile. Known for promoting inspiration, creativity, and an energizing boost, this rare Sativa strain combines a sweet berry and slightly spicy flavor with earthy undertones.
Sour Diesel Hybrid: An enduring favorite among hemp enthusiasts, Sour Diesel is a classic Sativa strain bred from the combination of Chemdawg and Super Skunk strains. With an exhilarating experience, each inhale of Sour Diesel reveals zesty citrus and diesel undertones, followed by an exhale that releases a bold and tangy flavor. Renowned for its initial burst of cerebral energy, Sour Diesel promotes creativity and motivation. Its distinctive pungent, sour, and skunky aroma makes it an excellent choice for enhancing daytime activities.
Wedding Cake Hybrid: Diminish anxiety and achieve the relaxation you desire with this hybrid strain, born from the union of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. Wedding Cake captivates the palate with a luxurious and velvety inhale, featuring sweet vanilla and subtle earthy undertones. The exhale leaves a lingering taste of creamy decadence. Embrace this strain to alleviate worries and experience a soothing sense of calm.
Zkittlez Cake Hybrid: The effects are tailored for a leisurely weekend day or a relaxed weekday night, offering a soothing physical stone coupled with an alert and cerebral high. Experience an uplift in spirits and a surge of creativity, accompanied by intermittent moments of heightened focus. As your body succumbs to blissful numbness, melting into the couch, you'll enjoy a pain-free state. Zkittlez Cake indulges the senses with a sweet and fruity inhalation reminiscent of tropical candies, while the exhalation reveals subtle undertones of vanilla cake, crafting a harmoniously delicious flavor profile that lingers with each breath.

Container Unit: 3.5g, 7g, 10.5g, 14g, 21g, 28g
Extract Type: THC A
Strains: Lemon Cherry Gelato Hybrid, Mak OG Indica, Purple Haze Sativa, Sour Diesel Hybrid, Wedding Cake Hybrid, Zkittlez Cake Hybrid
Product Facts: Premium hemp flower, Third-party lab-tested, Made of hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC

Xhale is built upon three core values: simplicity, value, and, most notably, the belief that hemp stands as a superior alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. To adhere to this philosophy, the brand sought a product that not only meets but surpasses these criteria. Offering a diverse range of flavor profiles and continually expanding its product lines, Xhale provides every incentive to be your brand of choice. From the outset, Xhale's dedication to delivering top-tier flower strains and flavors has propelled it to offer premium hemp products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

First time trying thc a flower, and I have to say, it was fantastic! highly recommend.

Wendell S.

Best flower forsure that i have bought in online cbd market.the shipping and delivery is fast and good.

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