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Torch | PHC + THC-P + Delta 9 Phantom Blend Disposable - 3.5g

Strain: Platinum Runtz - Indica
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PHC + THC-P + Delta 9 Phantom Blend Disposable By Torch

The premium quality and proprietary terpene profile of this disposable vape pen can meet the expectations of every hemp enthusiast. PHC + THC-P + Delta 9 Phantom Blend Disposable By Torch is available in a large 3.5g container, providing you with longer delight. Keep your spirit alive and enjoy life with the flavorful drags of this potent vape pen. This disposable can satisfy almost all your needs in hemp.
Platinum Runtz Indica is a valuable strain that can provide a cerebral boost and help you with mood swings. From the very first drag, you will feel tingly uplifting effects that will soon turn into a pleasant relaxation. Platinum Runtz has a sour fruity and nutty flavor with sweet candy and cheesy undertones.
Blueberry Slushie Sativa is a Sativa-leaning hybrid that can give you a nice euphoric body high, boost your mood, and make you completely relaxed. Improve the quality of your sleep and enjoy sweet fruity berry-blueberry flavors with this product.
Butter Cake Indica can be your lovely way to feel creatively inspired, calm, relaxed, and sleepy. The deliciously sweet and dessert-like flavor of this strain will make your puffs extremely pleasant.
Wedding Crasher Sativa will increase your body's energy, boost your mind, and make you socially active. So go ahead and take some inhales to enjoy a sweet vanilla-grape flavor alongside spice and diesel hints with this premium disposable vape.
Mango Mimosa Hybrid is a tropical delight in every puff! Experience the well-balanced effects of this strain that can help you become clear-headed, more focused, and confidently calm. Mango Mimosa delivers a lovely flavor of mango mixed with intense citrus fruity undertones.
Bubblegum Haze Sativa is for those who need relaxation and inspiration for creative activities. Eliminate the bad mood, and feel uplifted with this disposable device that possesses sweet creamy, fruity berry, and bubble gum flavor with sour citrus notes.
Space Mints Indica is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a unique flavor of sweet mints, fermented dough, and earth. Get your desired deep relaxation with this top-shelf vape pen by Torch.
Purple Tangie Sativa can give you positive vibes and energize your body and mind, making you creative and ready for something new. This fantastic strain has a lovely sweet berry-grape flavor and dank-spicy orange notes.
Zookies Hybrid is an Indica-leaning strain loved by people who want to dive into a state of deep relaxation and get a restful good night's sleep. Each puff will make your tastebuds burst into delight with flavors like sour fruits, roasted nuts, and spicy pepper.
White Gushers Indica can deliver your body a tingly sensation that will leave you relaxed and in a happy mood. This wonderful strain can be your perfect addition to every evening. White Gushers has a sweet exotic fruity flavor blend with a berry-grape aftertaste.

Container Unit: 3.5g
Extract Type: Delta 9 THC, PHC, THC-P
Strains: Platinum Runtz Indica, Blueberry Slushie Sativa, Butter Cake Indica, Wedding Crasher Sativa, Mango Mimosa Hybrid, Bubblegum Haze Sativa, Space Mints Indica, Purple Tangie Sativa, Zookies Hybrid, White Gushers Indica
Product Facts: Ceramic Coil Technology, Rechargeable device, Phenomenal Vapor Production, Exclusive terpene profile by Torch, Premium hemp-derived distillates, Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, Third party laboratory tested

Torch brand was founded to ignite the flame of life in people's hearts with the help of the benefits of hemp-based products. This already famous trademark is widely available in online hemp shops and offers top-notch hemp extracts with various strains. Pure ingredients, delicious flavors, and high-quality disposable vape pens - this is what provides the Torch brand.

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