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Bloom CBD Bud Bag By Root Wellness

If you are looking for a way to soothe your body and mind, ease minor aches, and to promote alertness, then maybe you have found just the right product. Bloom CBD bud bag by Root Wellness contains four grams of CBD flower, without the leaves, which is made from the high-quality hemp grown in the USA. This CBD bud bag is rich with beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing you to feel the entourage effect.

CBD Type: Flower
Total CBD: 15.81%
Container Unit: 4g - 0.141oz
Extract Type: Full Spectrum
Strain: Hawaiian Haze
Product Facts: Non-GMO, Lab tested

Root Wellness is committed to giving naturally-grown and sourced CBD products that can serve both humans and nature. Every Root Wellness's products are THC-free, made from premium quality CBD extract, and laboratory tested. The company uses only natural and sustainable ingredients, and all its product's packages are recyclable. Root Wellness supports reforestation efforts, and part of its profit goes for that cause.