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CBD Milligrams: 160mg
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Bean & Bud CBD Balance Coffee By Allo CBD

There is no morning without coffee! This CBD coffee with 100% Arabica CBD-infused coffee beans, just what you need to feel more focused, balanced, fresh, and full of energy throughout the day. The taste path is robust and varied, with notes of brown sugar, assorted floral flourishes, and pear hints. The CBD in Bean & Bud CBD Coffee by Allo CBD has been extracted from hemp plants and mixed with single-origin coffee. Experience a coffee in a new and more helpful way with Allo Bean & Bud CBD coffee.

CBD strength: 160mg
Container Unit: 226gr
Extract Type: Full Spectrum
Suggested Use: Brew one tablespoons of coffee per 6oz water. It is recommended to not drink more than 3 cups a day.

Allo CBD has created wellness products to help you with a stressful lifestyle that we have nowadays. With its innovative CBD products, you can feel more vitality, be relaxed, and enjoy more happiness than before. To have a positive impact on your life and enhance your potential, Allo CBD offers premium products with the purest ingredients.

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I can't imagine my life without coffee. And drinking a coffee which enriched with natural benefits of cbd is just amazing. I feel so focused and fresh after a cup of this incredible coffee

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