Yami Vapor CBD (Takumi) | Ringo CBD Vape Juice - 250mg

CBD Milligrams: 250mg
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Ringo CBD Vape Juice By Yami Vapor CBD (Takumi)

Takumi CBD introduces its fantastic vape juice with the gentle taste of creamy peaches and tart apples. Yami Vapor CBD presents its new branch of vape juices that have mouth-watering flavors. Ringo CBD Vape Juice by Yami Vapor CBD (Takumi) has a 50/50 optimized ratio of PG/VG, comes in a 30mL bottle, and holds 250mg of CBD extract.

CBD Strengths: 250mg
Container Unit: 30mL
Extract Type: Isolate
Product Facts: THC free, 50/50 ratio of PG/VG, Third-party lab-tested.
Made in USA

Yami Vapor CBD has caught the intention of CBD lovers with its top-shelf products. The company offers cannabidiol products that have fabulous flavors. There is a wide variety of products to choose from, and everyone can find their desired way to consume their daily CBD dosage. Yami Vapor CBD provides an enjoyable way to experience hemp's benefits.