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Strain: Sunday Scaries Hybrid (Mimosa)
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Disposables By Eighty Six

The trustworthy Eighty Six brand gives you the chance to try all the popular hemp cannabinoid extracts in the most convenient way possible. Disposables By Eighty Six are made of natural ingredients, so rest assured that you are vaping the safest product on the market.
White Fluff Sativa (Cotton Candy) - is a crossbreed of Cotton Candy and OG Dipstick strains and delivers cerebral effects accompanied by energetic and happy sensations. Expect flavors reminiscent of sugary sweet cotton candy with notes of various sweet fruits.
Sunday Scaries Hybrid (Mimosa) - is made of crossing Mimosa with Forbidden Fruit and gives you the deliciously sweet tropical and sour citrus flavor blend with light berry notes on the exhale. With this disposable, you will quickly become more focused, relaxed, and happy.
Golden Milk Indica (Banana Kush) - this strain crosses Banana Kush with Thicc Mint Cookies that can help you finally feel relaxed and have a restful sleep. Enjoy a uniquely calming vaping experience full of tropical fruit flavors and refreshing minty notes.

Container Unit: 2g
Strains: Sunday Scaries Hybrid (Mimosa), White Fluff Sativa (Cotton Candy), Golden Milk Indica (Banana Kush)
Extract Type:
Product Facts: Rechargeable ALD disposable vape device, Non-refillable, Deriver from hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party lab-tested

The company was founded to produce premium-quality and pure Delta 8 THC infused products for everyone's needs. Eighty Six offers its customers a wide range of products enriched with Delta 8 TCH extract that can help everyone who prefers hemp. All products contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC and are completely legal.

Customer Reviews

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Charlie Riley

Just took a dose of Eighty Six for the first time. The high was so intense it had me laughing for hours and dizzy. I don't think I'll be smoking weed in any other way than this. It definitely lived up to its name as the best weed disposables!

Mollie Phillips

Eighty Six is the best weed disposable I have ever tried. All made out of organic materials, which means this vape has no nasty chemicals to make you feel bad like other disposables do. Plus, it's super cheap so there's no reason not to try it.

Toby Gill

I have tried many different types of weed disposables and have found that Eighty Six is the best I have tried. In my opinion, the quality for price point is unmatched in the industry. They are also a reliable company.

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