Dank Lite | Delta 11 THC Cartridges - 1g

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Strain: Sour Pebbles Sativa
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Delta 11 THC Cartridges By Dank Lite

The terpene profile of every hemp strain is uniquely delicious and can blow your mind in a good way. That is what you can expect from Delta 11 THC Cartridges By Dank Lite. These premium products are not only infused with high-grade Delta 11 extract but also deliver rich terpene flavor. So make some tasty puffs and enjoy hemp's benefits.
Key Lime Pie is a hybrid strain and a prototype of the well-known Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has a delicious and smooth creamy flavor with tart notes and is ideal for eliminating mood swings and enhancing focus.
Sour Pebbles is made by crossing Fruity Pebbles with Alien Diesel and has a berry-sweet flavor alongside citrusy-lemon notes. This potent Sativa is perfect for those who seek creative activities, energy boosts, or good vibes.
Bubblegum Kush delivers relaxing sensations and deliciously sweet fruit flavors. This Indica strain is a crossbreed of Bubblegum and Kush, which is a perfect way to chill out and relax.

Container Unit: 1g
Extract Type: Delta 11 THC
Strains: Sour Pebbles Sativa, Bubblegum Kush Indica, Key Lime Pie Hybrid
Product Facts: Derived from natural hemp containing less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, Third-party laboratory tested
Made in the USA

Dank Lite brand enriches the cannabis market with its exclusive and organic hemp. Their more well-known cultivars include Red Bordeaux, Berry Blossom, Cobbler, Cherry Wine, Trophy Wife, and Magic Bullet. In addition, dank Lite's expert breeders growing new strains assure you can enjoy the best smokable hemp diversities available in the U.S.

Customer Reviews

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Isobel Davies

I have tried a number of different types of cannabis products, but none compare to Dank Lite. I have tried all the strains and they're all amazing, but I can't get enough of their Sour Pebbles Sativa. It's so easy to order at buycbdhub, and for the price, you really can't find anything like it.

Ella Gill

I've been smoking dope since I remember, but this is the first time in my life I can say that I am able to fully appreciate what it feels like to be high. The high from this cannabis product is deep and almost spiritual. It has helped me process and understand the world in ways that never would have been possible without it.

Patrick Williams

If you love smoking weed and want to buy something that is great quality and taste, then Dank Lite is the cannabis products for you. It has a variety of different flavors that are unique in their own way. The flavor last for a long time, unlike other brands. I personally would recommend Dank Lite because it tastes better than the others

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