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Mystic Myst & Sweet Grass Strains Pre Rolls By CBDR Hemp

These Sativa dominant strains are going to make your CBD experience uniquely pleasant. Sweet Grass has a flavor of citrus, berry with skunky notes. Mystic Myst a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze and has a sweet yet mild citrusy flavor with slightly earthy afternotes. Mystic Myst & Sweet Grass Strains Pre-Rolls by CBDR Hemp contains 12 Mystic Myst and 12 Sweet Grass pre-rolls that can help to relieve pain and give the relaxation you need.

CBD Type: Flower (Sativa dominant hybrid)
Container Unit: 24 Pre-Rolls (1.5g Per Roll) - 12 Mystic Myst & 12 Sweet Grass
Strains: Mystic Myst, Sweet Grass
Product Facts: Instant relief, Less than 0.3% THC, Can help with cigarette cravings, Third-party laboratory-tested
Warning: This product should not be ingested if you are on a drug testing program

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