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Mini CBD Wax Pen By CBDFX

Dab lovers, it's time to celebrate! Mini CBD Wax Pen by CBDFX possesses a heating rod to the atomizer box, helping to assemble the concentrate and give even heat to the entire surface area for targeting and increasing the amount of vapor generated from each heat. It is allowing to create the most satisfying experience possible. This fabulous Mini Wax Pen comes with two interchangeable 11mm dual-core atomizers to allow the perfect heat depending on the specific experience you are looking for.

Product Facts: 2 interchangeable atomizers (ceramic and quartz cores)

CBDfx uses the CBD from wholly organic hemp plants. CBDfx’s top priority is to provide customers access to a pure CBD product. The product ranges from unique and fun vape juice formulas to tincture, topical creams, vape additives, and gummies, made carefully using only the best organically farmed hemp plant ingredients. CBDfx is loyal to its buyers and strictly follows standards of manufacturing excellence.